Wednesday, 7 April 2010


3 years ago today the series 3 episode the shakespare code aired at seven'o'clock, this was also easter saturday. this episode was set in tudor times when the doctor and martha went to see william shakespare,this was also martha's first trip in the tardis, the doctor, martha and shakespare had to battle the horrid carrionite from destroying the world with shakespares' play loves labours lost. at the end of this episode queen elizabeth 1st orders the doctors head to be chopped of, this reason is unknown, and all doctor who fans are waiting to find out...........

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

big bang

as this is the first ever post on who-ni-verse, we are all celebrating after the fabulous first episode of season 1 (or 5) the eleventh hour which was watched by 8.3 million viewers!
enjoy this blog and the games you can find at the bottom of the page where you can take on the new-look toclofane and destroy the weeping angels.

thank you and good night..........( now i feel like i'm on the telly!)